Under Armour's phenomenal
e-commerce Leap.

Unlocking the power of strategic partnerships, WBWR transformed Under Armour's e-commerce fortunes. Within a year, we skyrocketed e-commerce from 1% to 15% of turnover, embodying our vision of connecting cultures through digital prowess.


Under Armour


Digital Services


Imagine this: Under Armour's e-commerce leap from 1% to 15% within a year. Fuelled by our Personalised Omni approach, we catapulted their digital game. Powered by Shopify Hydrogen 3.2, our partnership far surpassed initial goals, aiming for an astonishing 22% by FY23.


Technologies at play:

Enter our secret arsenal: Shopify+ and Algolia hailed our AI personalization as world-class. Add to that Shopify POS and a React Native app for personalized touchpoints. The synergy of our technology and the magic of Shopify Hydrogen crafted a seamless journey, amplifying relevant messaging.


Values in action:

Our story echoes "Drive Conversion Driven Results." Every click, every interaction is a testament to our essence. With "Be Creative" as our mantra, we broke digital boundaries, cultivating a unique UA Squad community. Our AI predictive tech resonates with "Think Limitless," pushing growth for three consecutive years

Approach and challenges:

Our path was paved with challenges, but they only fuelled our passion. The Under Armour vision became ours, embodying "Human First" values. Through challenges and successes, our partnership was a testament to the spirit of collaboration and innovation. Our journey mirrors the essence of "Collaborate."



Numbers only tell part of the story; the rest is about forging connections and celebrating innovation. Under Armour's journey echoes our shared mission, a symphony of technology and values. With WBWR, every stride is a dance to the rhythm of our mission, crafting digital landscapes that redefine possibilities.

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